15 best travel essentials to protect against COVID-19 in 2021 – Insider

15 best travel essentials to protect against COVID-19 in 2021 – Insider

What should be in your travel safety kit

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Whether you’re vaccinated or not, driving or flying, remember the basics of COVID travel: Wear the best mask you can (ideally an N95-type mask), making sure it fits snuggly without gaps at the sides (layering two masks can help), and keep your distance from people outside your household as much as possible.

Then, pack a portable COVID-19 safety kit, whether flying or driving.

Proof of vaccination

Again, getting the COVID vaccine is the best thing you can do to stay safe and keep others safe while traveling during the pandemic. Many countries require proof of vaccination before entering their borders, and even if you’re traveling domestically, it’s a good idea to have proof with you just in case a public space or business upon arrival requires it.

If you want to travel with your physical vaccine card, we suggest putting it in a protective vinyl casing. But there are also a handful of apps, such as CommonPass and VeriFLY, that allow you to upload proof of vaccine and even connect PCR test results so you have proof of your low-risk all in one place.

Masks for adults

Masks are required on all airlines, regardless of your vaccination status or where you’re flying. They’re also recommended for any public place while driving, like public restrooms or service stations.

As coronavirus is an airborne virus, wearing a mask is still one of the key ways to reduce spreading or getting COVID, especially in an indoor, crowded place like an airport or airplane, Joyce Sanchez, MD, medical director of the Travel Health Clinic at Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin tells Insider.

Wearing the right mask the right way helps to protect not only the people around you but the wearer too.

Nearly everyone can safely wear a mask, other than those who can’t put on or take off a mask themselves. This includes those with chronic lung and heart problems, Dr. Sanchez says. “Even if it feels harder to breathe while wearing a mask, it doesn’t actually affect how much oxygen your body gets,” she assures.

Why are masks so important? Think of the COVID virus like cigarette smoke spreading indoors — it flows throughout the space (beyond 6 feet from the person who exhaled it and around plexiglass barriers) and can hang in the air for hours, even after the person is no longer in the room.

Considering its spreadability, and given how contagious the Delta variant is, it’s more important than ever to wear a well-fitting mask to both prevent spreading the virus to others and inhaling it yourself.

Quick tip: If your mask tends to suction to your mouth when you breathe in, look for a mask with a more structured frame that keeps the fabric away from your lips (like a KN95 mask). Or, insert a frame, like one from HeartFormSF, into a covering you already have.


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