Officials urging road safety when driving to mountain communities – KFSN-TV

Officials urging road safety when driving to mountain communities – KFSN-TV

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — The mountains are blanketed have been blanketed with snow over the last few days.

Several major winter storms brought in many fluffy flakes, and also tourists like Tim Albrent and his family from Ventura.

“Some friends of ours invited us up to come to Yosemite for a week,” he said.

Albrent says for their journey up to the national park, they made sure to bring warm clothes, tools and especially tires chains.

According to CALTRANS, you must have chains on your car or truck unless you’re in a four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle.

And even those exceptions may not always apply.

On Tuesday morning, as more snow piled up on mountain roadways, the California Highway Patrol said it would allow only four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles with chains on Highway 168 past the chain control area.

Those without chains were being blocked.

No two-wheel drive vehicles were being allowed.

In Madera County, the nearly four inches of snow and slick road conditions caused several cars to run off the roadway and even a few crashes on Monday.
The Madera County Sheriff’s Office reminds you to be prepared before getting on the road.

“If you are going to visit this area, this lovely beautiful snow that we have here, please keep in mind that in your vehicle, you should be keeping plenty of extra water, blankets, extra clothing, a shovel, a GPS device,” says Corporal Amy Roussell. “If you do get stuck, you should stay with your vehicle, your party and call 911.”

Officials welcome you to have fun and enjoy the snow, just slow down, especially when approaching chain checkpoints.

“We just want people to be cognizant that everyone is willing to enjoy the snow,” says CHP Officer Jeff Dunn. “Be aware of other vehicles and motorists that are on the road.”

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